I have always been interested in Sacred Geometry, two dimensional forms which are used as a symbol for spiritual concepts. Recently I have become aware of Vortex Based mathematics in which numbers and their relationships come alive with meaning. You literally connect one idea, represented by a number with another idea and the pathways create the geometric form. It seems like these pathways in the mind have an effect on your perception and the way in which you look at everything. When I am working with them in the symbols there is an excitement as doors into new ways of thinking open. This needs connecting with how we feel about everything to ground the new perception. In my installation work I am bringing new perceptions and feelings together on the ground, literally.

Places have a distinct feel to them; in some there is a sense of expansiveness, in others a sense of intimacy. Hills, groves of trees, foreshores, all have a different feel to the energy there. Plants and stones seem to relate to this energy too.

The act of making an installation feels like an offering to the land, a way to consciously bring thinking and feeling together in beautiful, balanced relationship. It feels as if the concepts are being grounded as I work. I feel that my energy has changed after it is made and I believe that in some way this affects the energy in the place itself in the same way that it does when we interact with people.

Cheryl Howeld